Welcome To Sterling Bengals 
"Wild At Heart But Tamed With Love" 

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Please take some time to read over this information.


We do welcome and recommend cattery visits for interested potential clients. This will
allow you to meet the parents and all of the kittens we currently have available. We
focus on health and personality of each kittens we raise

Safety guidelines for visiting Sterling Bengals:

Please do not visit other catteries the same day you visit us. It is very easy to spread
viruses and this is a safety measure we needed to implement.

All children must be sitting if they are holding kittens, kittens can very easily fall or
jump from the arms of children and get seriously hurt

  OUR Policy:

 We will NOT allow anyone to visit kittens under the age of 7-8 weeks. We had to
implement this because of visitors not following our rules by visiting other catteries the same day
as visiting us. This may seem simple but babies have delicate immune systems and can not be
exposed prior to vaccinations. We are sorry to have to implement this new rule, we love showing
our new babies, but in their best interest this is our current policy.


 Website Terms:

Available: We are accepting deposits on this kitten, it is currently not sold.

Under Evaluation: We are holding this kitten back to watch it mature for our breeding program or for
another breeding program. It may or may not become available at a later date.

Sold: We have received full payment for this particular kitten so it is no longer available for inquiries.

Keeper: This kitten will be staying with us in our breeding or show program. 

Pending: We are waiting to receive a deposit on this kitten. It may or may not become available at a later date.

On Hold: We have received a deposit for this kitten and we are holding this kitten for you.









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