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                                                The Fuzzies



                When visiting breeders and looking for a kitten you will see

                many different kittens of different ages. You may notice that

                the older kittens appear to be fuzzy with their markings being

                not so clear to see. Like a lot of baby wild animals, all Bengals

                go through an ugly duckling stage called the "fuzzies".  This is

                where they loose the clarity of their markings before they later

                regain them again with their adult coat. Unfortunately, the

               "fuzzies" are at their worst when the kitten is about 10 weeks

                old, which is close to the time when  their getting ready to go to

                their new homes. This is quite normal. It is best to see the

                kittens first or see photograph of the kittens when they were at

                an earlier age. Usually, at 2 to 6 weeks is the best time. This way 

                you can see what the adult markings will be like, and that the kitten

                doesn't have a ticked coat or long hair, both of which are faults.

                Alternatively, some  breeders do not let their kittens go to their new 

                homes until they are past the fuzzy stage.  That is usually around 12

                weeks of age.