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Date of Birth:_______________       Male:________   Female:_____      __ 

Color & Description:_____________________________________           

Price:$____________Holding Fee:$ 300.00       Balance: $_________      

 Purchaser agrees to the following:

1.) Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased or given away, or sold to any  pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility. Buyer MUST contact Seller if they can no longer keep said cat/kitten. It is recommended that the kitten/cat be quarantined for a period of one week before introduced to other cats in your household.

2.) This cat/kitten will be keep indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside. If this cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, Buyer will surrender said cat/kitten to Seller unconditionally.

3.) This cat/kitten has been purchased as a PET only. This ca/kitten WILL NOT be used for breeding.

4.) This cat/kitten will be Spayed/Neutered at the discretion of Sterling Bengals/Veronica Sterling before leaving for their new home. The Spay/Neuter is included into the Pet Price.

5.) One half of the balance is due 10 days prior to any cat/kitten that is being altered. Final balance is due in cash when kitten is picked up.

6.) Seller agrees to provide registration papers for this cat/kitten upon presentation of a vets certificate of spay or neuter. (No exceptions) Buyer agrees to pay an additional sum of not less than $2000.00 for any cat/kitten not altered as stated and agreed to herein.

7.) No cash refunds and all deposit are non- refundable.

8.) ALSO PLEASE NOTE: NEVER USE KETAMINE injectable anesthesia on a Bengal, EVER. We only use isoflorane gas ( with a bit of nitrous also at the beginning ) for every procedure without any problems If you choose to use the Ketamine injectable anesthesia you can not hold Sterling Cattery responsible if anything would happen. No declawing of cat/kitten.


                                                                HEALTH GUARANTEE:

Health is guaranteed for a period of 72 hours from the time the kitten leaves the possession of the seller. To validate this guarantee, you must take the cat/kitten to your veterinarian (at Buyers expense) within this said time. If the cat/kitten is found after such examination to have any type of life threatening problem it may be returned and a replacement kitten offered as available. If the cat/kitten is returned to the breeder, the cat/kitten must be tested for FIP, FIV, and FelV at Buyers expense. Once the cat/kitten leaves the possession of the breeder (Sterling Bengals, Veronica Sterling) cannot be held responsible for any veterinary bills or charges incurred on said cat/kitten. After 72 hours of the health guarantee period the seller cannot be held accountable for future of Felv/Fiv/Fip, and any other bacterial or viral infectious diseases, parasites, or fungus, due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. Buyer accepts all responsibility for protection of the cat from said diseases, illnesses, parasites, and fungi.  If the buyer chooses to vaccinate for the Feline Infectious Peritonitis ( FIP,Ringworm), the warranty is NULL and VOID. Also, the seller does not warranty the kitten/cat against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations. 

Should the cat/kitten die within one year of age as a result of a congenital defect (unknown at time of sale), said cat/kitten will be replaced ONLY if an appropriate necropsy is preformed by a licensed veterinarian and a vets’ certificate is provided showing proof of cause of death. A replacement kitten of comparable quality and value, as available, will be made at the discretion of the breeder/seller.

Seller reserves the right to use photos of cat/kitten sold to Buyer in any or all advertising, including website advertising, in the promotion of Sterling Bengals. Buyer agrees to allow seller the right to use cat/kitten’s photographs or name in future or existing advertising. Buyer must always use the cats full registered name in any advertising or on the Buyers website.

This contract is legally binding to all parties involved. It applies only to the Buyer and the Seller in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties. Any cat found being used for breeding when purchased as a pet will owe Sterling Bengals/Veronica Kraemer an additional sum of $2000.00. In the event of default, the Buyer will be legally liable for any and all attorney fees and or collection fees and all related costs necessary to resolve this matter. It is also agreed that any legal matters pertaining to this contract will be held in the State of Pennsylvania, Warren County.

Buyers’ signature below shows they have read and agree to this contract.

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Seller Name: Veronica Sterling

Seller Signature: ___________________________ Date:__________

 Address: 8 Central Avenue

                  Warren Pa, 16365

Phone Number: (814)730-0681

Email: vkbengals08@gmail.com